Deadlift PR 420lbs.

Day 7 of the (always Plant-Based) Whole Foods Challenge. That means no tofu, tempeh, seitan, Gardein, Tofurky, Upton’s, or Field Roast. I’m getting protein from beans, nuts, seeds, fruits, vegetables, and some grains. Gluten Free. Soy Free. Excuse Free. 10+ Personal Record.

Vegans Dominate at the Naturally Fit Super Show!

PlantBuilt visual

On the weekend of July 26th and 27th, PlantBuilt, a team of vegan athletes, landed in Austin, Texas to make a bold statement on what Vegan’s can do on the bodybuilding stage! We did not disappoint.


Part of the team as we were arriving on Wednesday before the show.

As a team, we had 14 athletes hit the stage against 150 omnivorous competitors. We won 4 of the top 10 overall spots, Bodybuilder Torre Washington won the lightweight division and the Men’s Overall bodybuilding title, Derek Tresize won the light heavyweight division. Bodybuilder Sara Russert won her lightweight division and the Women’s Overall bodybuilding title. Figure competitor Pam Kalstad won her division and overall title, earning her pro status, and bodybuilder Will Tucker won his division and overall title for master’s bodybuilding (over 40 years of age). Bodybuilders Austin Barbisch and Marcella Torres finished second in their divisions and Giacomo Marchese finished 3rd in men’s middleweight bodybuilding. Figure competitor Stephanie Rice finished runner up and Tiffany Burich followed in 3rd. In the Men’s Physique category, I finished in 2nd place, and Chad Byers finished in 3rd out of 24 competitors.


Mindy Collette placed 4th in the bikini tall class out of a dozen plus competitors. Yolanda Presswood and Christy Morgan both had powerful display’s of vegan fitness and grace in the bikini short class, which had even more competitors.


We took home quite the collection of trophies. The competition spanned over Friday and Saturday. During the Saturday event, which lasted around 4 hours, the announcers of the event said “Vegan” at least 20 times. During our individual routines, as well as during the award ceremonies, the message was loud and clear that we are here to promote a compassionate lifestyle and we showed with tremendous success that no animals need to be harmed in the making of a lean and strong body.



On Sunday after the competition weekend was over, we went to Big Bald Mike’s Bonebreaker Barbell Gym in Kyle, TX. We did a fun photoshoot for Vegan Health & Fitness Magazine and Vegan, as well as some photos for our team sponsors, PlantFusion and Vegan This week was such an amazing experience! It truly was a gathering of many of my influences in the vegan fitness community in one place. It was a chance to see and reconnect with old friends, meet brand new ones, and reflect on how far we have come as a community.


I want to thank all of our sponsors and everyone for making this happen. Thanks to Giacamo and Dani for organizing the PlantBuilt team in the first place, Brenda and Brian at Vegan Health and Fitness MagazineVegan Proteins, Robert Cheeke at Vegan Bodybuilding and Fitness for being a tremendous support for years now, Scott at Plant Fusion, Elana Priesman at Beyond Fit for getting us all individual boxes with tons of great products from companies like Engine 2 DietJustin’s Nut ButterBrad’s Raw Leafy KaleRhythm SuperfoodsJust Pure Foods, and Eda-Zen, as well as Sara Brightly at Skinny Limits for amazing juice during the weekend. Big thanks to Chad and Tricia at Beyond Fit Austin and Big Bald Mike at Bonebreaker Barbell for letting us workout in their plant-powered gyms. Also a big thanks to my partner Holly for supporting me throughout the year leading up to this. She is a vegan chef and with her expertise, pre-contest nutrition was much easier and tastier. You can follow her at


Here is a video highlight of the week, thanks to Brenda and Brian at

Results are in!!!

2012 Oregon CrossFit Summer Games – Final Standings


This weekend was a blast! I rocked a PlantFusion shirt both days which read Plant Strong across the back to represent.
I definitely got my butt kicked! I did the best I could so far as an athlete in the realm of CrossFit. My final placing was 27th out of 73 competitors. As the only vegan athlete, taking out 2/3rds of the guys still feels like an accomplishment, but the experience helped me see more of my weak points more clearly.
The first event I had my best placing of 14th.
The workout was a 250 meter row, 53lb Kettlebell carry 52 meters, 20 Kettlebell Clean and Jerks at 53lbs, followed by a 115lb zercher carry 26 meters, then 20 zercher squats, then carry the bar another 26 meters, then 20 over the bar burpees.
This took me 5 minutes even.
The second event was…… a 5K run. Running is not my passion. I took about 24:25 and placed 29th.
The third event was as many reps as possible of 135lb hang squat cleans in 2 minutes. I completed 17 reps, and took 32nd place.
The fourth event was a ladder in which you had 30 seconds to complete the lift before moving to the next barbell which was always a 10lb increase. The movements were a barbell snatch and/or a barbell clean starting at 135lbs going up to 305lbs. For the snatch I only got up to 165, while on the clean I got up to 235lbs, which was a 10lb personal record. I still finished in 40th place on this one. It looks like a 235 lb clean is not a big deal.
The fifth and final event for me and the rest of the competitors who were not in the top 20 was 3 rounds for time of:
50 Double Unders
20 meter walking lunge while holding a 53lb Kettlebell overhead
400 meter run
I finished at 12:17 and took 32nd place.
Overall, a great weekend and an improvement from my 34th place finish at the Winter Games last January.

3.26.12 WOD

1a) 5X2 Snatch @ 75-85% – rest 90 sec.


1b) 5X3 Snatch Pulls – heaviest possible, rest 60 sec. DEMO VIDEO


1c) 5X2 Tempo High-Bar Back Squat @ 75% – rest 60 sec.


Notes: Quick descent, 5 counts (seconds) in the rock bottom, bounce and quick back up.


For time:

Run 400m
3 rounds of the BB complex-
5 Deadlifts 135lbs
5 Hang Power Cleans 135lbs
5 Push Jerks 135lbs
Run 400m
2 rounds of the BB complex
Run 400m
1 round of the BB complex

100 Double-Unders

It took me 14:38, I need to run more.


1a) 3X5 (5l/5r) Turkish Get Ups @ 53lbs – rest 45 sec.
1b) 3×20  Toes 2 Bar – rest 45 sec.

Thank you to Vega Sport Pre-Workout Energizer for getting me through this workout! Vega Sport Recovery Accelerator and Performance Protein help me recover faster, so I can do it all over again.

“Tear it down build it back up stronger!” -path of resistance