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  1. OMG you look amazing! I’m, currently trying to do bodybuilding, and I’m a vegan. Problem I’m having is that i’m in the military, and i keep hearing mix things about products that contain hemp. I was wondering if there is a way to do this and stay hemp free? or if hemp would not show up on a drug test…

    • Hey Edith,

      Thanks for visiting! Hemp foods do not contain any thc, so I don”t believe that would show up on a drug test. Also hemp is highly digestible and has a great amino acid profile. You can build lean mass without hemp as well. Use Rice and Pea protein powder, grind and add raw pumpkin seed, flax seed, or sunflower seed to shakes, cereals, or salads, snack on almonds, brazil nuts, or walnuts between meals. Incorporate tofu, tempeh, seitan, beans, or Gardein or Tofurky foods into every meal. Eat enough protein and calories to build lean mass. Time you carbohydrates properly to fuel recovery from workouts, and stay active. Strong muscle will show through lean tight skin!

  2. Very nice work! when I saw your meal plan, I think it is easy to be vegan ! that’s interesting to see what you eat and what you do to train.. What kind of protein powder do you take? sun warior, vega ??? In France we have just sun warrior and it is expensive !!! 50€ for 1kg, it is like 70 dollar for a half pound…So Itake whey protein plus amino acids.
    What do you think about soy products like tofu and about wheat gluten ?
    I ask you that because some vegan “steak” are made with that and it causes allergie sometimes…
    Thanks for sharing what you do keep up your lifestyle ! you rock !

    • I use Vega Sport Protein Powder as well as a few others, depending on what is available. The best plant based protein powders are ones that contain brown rice, pea, hemp, or some combination with other sources such as alfalfa, spirulina, flax, cranberry seed, or sacha inchi seed. These are becoming more widely available so see what you have access to in France. As far as soy and gluten, I think organic non-gmo soy and wheat products are ok to consume, assuming they do not cause any digestive issues. If they do, you can also consider digestive enzymes to assist in the breakdown of these particular proteins. As always, make sure to vary your protein sources throughout the day to get a wide variety of amino acids. No whey protein is needed. Plants provide all the nutrition we need to grow and excel in life. Thanks for following!

  3. Hello from Slovakia (middle part of Europe former satelite of soviet union) i like the way you are living, eating and bodybuilding because it is so natural and it also make sense to eat this way. I am following you here in vegan-hostile country and i hope i show to everyone, that vegan or raw-eater could have muscles.Because everyone here think that if you are vegan you must look like skinny hungry vampire 😀 And finally i have a question – how do you deal with vegan-hostile enviroment ?Do you argue with them ? Thanks


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