First Update of 2019



For those of you following along, I have been quiet for a few years now. I am finding my footing once again and am happy to speak to those who follow along. I have chased many goals and competed on many platforms. I am coming up on 23 years as a 100% vegan and still haven’t withered away like all the naysayers think. I have successfully won in Bodybuilding, placed 2nd in Men’s Physique, Bench Pressed 315lbs, Back Squated 418lbs, and Deadlifted 507lbs. I have even Snatched 225lbs, and Cleaned 275lbs.



Ab Shot

On my list of things I want to accomplish is to Jerk 275lbs, which is about 25 lbs away still, and get back to Men’s Physique lean in the next few months (at or leaner then the above pic from some years ago). I am excited to begin working with a new client come March 1st who has the same goal so I will use that opportunity to coach it and live it at the same time. Routines for Powerlifting, CrossFit, Olympic Lifting, and Bodybuilding (Getting Shredded) are all different, so I will switch gears to get in extra cardio, spending more time within hypertrophy rep ranges, and earning my carbs. I will post more here as I need to get my voice back as my gym in Oakland ( has been taking up my focus. 2019 will be an exciting year. I will be turning 40!? Where did the time go? Let’s make some things happen folks. We only have on life. Make it count.

2017 Quick Update

Hey everyone, I haven’t posted here for over a year. I have been more active over at which is the vegan gym in Oakland Holly and myself run. I just wanted to let people know I am signed on to compete with PlantBuilt 2017 and I am Olympic Weightlifting this time around. I am aiming for a 225 lb snatch and a 275 lb clean and jerk all on a natural, drug-free, vegan diet of course. I haven’t disappeared, I just have been under the radar for the last few years. I lost my dad to a heart attack the end of 2014 and that pushed me back pretty hard. I plan to make some noise in 2017! Thanks again everyone for following. Time seems to be flying by sometimes, and it’s good to reconnect with those around you.

Gym Name is now NewEthic!

Hey guys, I will still post on this site for my personal workouts and progress, but go to for updates on our Oakland Based Vegan Gym that I own with my partner Holly. Be sure to follow over there to stay tuned for updates, nutrition tips, and new challenges. Thanks and keep pushing forward.


Quick Update

Hey guys, sorry I ‘ve been MIA for a while. The 30 day challenge went good! I never retested my lifts but I did enjoy the challenge of going no soy and no wheat for that time. I did go back to having those foods in my diet though. Convenience is the biggest reason, and I do enjoy the taste of things like Tofurky, Field Roast, and Gardein products. Anyway, moving on.

I officially left Portland, Oregon after 5 years! The cloudy wet weather finally was enough. I moved down to (near) Berkeley, California! I found an apartment in North Oakland and now coach and do personal training at GrassRoots CrossFit in Berkeley. I officially sold my gym in Portland. It is still vegan owned and will be getting a name change very soon. PlantFit Training Studio simply morphed into PlantFit Strength & Conditioning, which will be my fitness business (CrossFit Classes, BootCamps around the bay area, personal training, and nutritional counseling). My website is now I will be doing most of my updates and posting over there, so please follow along if you follow me here. Thanks guys. I look forward to breaking more stereotypes of what vegans can and can’t do as well as meeting more of you in this plant-based community. Keep rockin it!

405 DL PromoA quick 405 deadlift for a photo op.

Day 28 Update of the 30 Day Whole Food Challenge

Hey guys, I just wanted to let you know how things are going so far. Originally I wanted to see how much mass I could put on while keeping my body fat down. In maintaining my second focus, it has prevented me from eating enough calories to put on more muscle during the 30 day run. I have been able to keep fat off though. I got measured on Thursday, August 29th and I was sitting at 4.94% Body Fat, 173.80 total lbs, 165.21 lean body mass, and 8.59 lbs of fat. On August 5th when I started, I was 174 lbs at 5.69% body fat. So I am keeping that tight, but also my strength is going up consistently. I will retest my snatch and clean the next few days. Here is a pic of me from Sunday:



Only a few more days left, of completely soy free, gluten free, sugar free, and attempting to keep completely extracted oil free. It is a tricky one if you go out to eat at all. What do you think should be my first gluten or soy food back?

Olympic Snatch PR 200lbs.

Guys, that is 3 Personal Records on this Whole Food Challenge. I enjoy tofu, tempeh, and seitan as much as the next vegan out there, but it is kind of looking unnecessary. I’ll keep you posted but as of now, I’m feeling pretty awesome! This was from yesterday, Saturday, August 17th, Day 13 of the PBWF Challenge. My Snatch 1 Rep Max at the beginning of this was 175, so it is up 25lbs since starting (5lbs more than highest ever, got 195 over a year ago). Thanks for following. Eat Plants Get Fit!