Quick Update

Hey guys, sorry I ‘ve been MIA for a while. The 30 day challenge went good! I never retested my lifts but I did enjoy the challenge of going no soy and no wheat for that time. I did go back to having those foods in my diet though. Convenience is the biggest reason, and I do enjoy the taste of things like Tofurky, Field Roast, and Gardein products. Anyway, moving on.

I officially left Portland, Oregon after 5 years! The cloudy wet weather finally was enough. I moved down to (near) Berkeley, California! I found an apartment in North Oakland and now coach and do personal training at GrassRoots CrossFit in Berkeley. I officially sold my gym in Portland. It is still vegan owned and will be getting a name change very soon. PlantFit Training Studio simply morphed into PlantFit Strength & Conditioning, which will be my fitness business (CrossFit Classes, BootCamps around the bay area, personal training, and nutritional counseling). My website is now http://www.plantfitstrength.com I will be doing most of my updates and posting over there, so please follow along if you follow me here. Thanks guys. I look forward to breaking more stereotypes of what vegans can and can’t do as well as meeting more of you in this plant-based community. Keep rockin it!

405 DL PromoA quick 405 deadlift for a photo op.

2 thoughts on “Quick Update

  1. My Birthday to myself was to join plantfit. I live in Portland area and, well now that you have left I can’t find a trainer that believes in anything but an animal protein diet!
    Any suggestions!?

    Beth Higginbotham

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