Results are in!!!

2012 Oregon CrossFit Summer Games – Final Standings


This weekend was a blast! I rocked a PlantFusion shirt both days which read Plant Strong across the back to represent.
I definitely got my butt kicked! I did the best I could so far as an athlete in the realm of CrossFit. My final placing was 27th out of 73 competitors. As the only vegan athlete, taking out 2/3rds of the guys still feels like an accomplishment, but the experience helped me see more of my weak points more clearly.
The first event I had my best placing of 14th.
The workout was a 250 meter row, 53lb Kettlebell carry 52 meters, 20 Kettlebell Clean and Jerks at 53lbs, followed by a 115lb zercher carry 26 meters, then 20 zercher squats, then carry the bar another 26 meters, then 20 over the bar burpees.
This took me 5 minutes even.
The second event was…… a 5K run. Running is not my passion. I took about 24:25 and placed 29th.
The third event was as many reps as possible of 135lb hang squat cleans in 2 minutes. I completed 17 reps, and took 32nd place.
The fourth event was a ladder in which you had 30 seconds to complete the lift before moving to the next barbell which was always a 10lb increase. The movements were a barbell snatch and/or a barbell clean starting at 135lbs going up to 305lbs. For the snatch I only got up to 165, while on the clean I got up to 235lbs, which was a 10lb personal record. I still finished in 40th place on this one. It looks like a 235 lb clean is not a big deal.
The fifth and final event for me and the rest of the competitors who were not in the top 20 was 3 rounds for time of:
50 Double Unders
20 meter walking lunge while holding a 53lb Kettlebell overhead
400 meter run
I finished at 12:17 and took 32nd place.
Overall, a great weekend and an improvement from my 34th place finish at the Winter Games last January.

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