More Raw Foods.

Lately, my girlfriend and I have been eating more raw foods. Mostly because of her influence, I can admit, but I have noticed feeling better and lighter because of it. Workouts have been Crossfit style lately, and no areas of fitness seem to be lacking. I am staying lean post competition and feel great, and this largely has to do with more whole plant foods.

Last night, we had a few friends over for dinner. Jade made chard wraps with cashews, cabbage slaw, carrots, bean sprouts, mango, mint, basil, and cilantro with a tamarind dipping sauce and it was insanely good! She also made marinated and dehydrated shish kabobs, with portobello mushrooms, assorted veggies, and pineapple. Finally, for dessert she made coconut macaroons with a little chocolate chip in the center. It was amazing, and after eating it, you feel really good. Just a little food for thought. I have some new stuff in the works, stay tuned for updates.

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