4 thoughts on “My Interview with Compassion Over Killing

  1. Great to see a vegan cross fitter! I stopped going to the cross fit by me because they were very unsupported in my vegan diet. The club started a nutrition meetup and I attended the paleo sessions trying to see if I could make them work as a vegan. When I tried talking to the coaches they didn’t really want to help me figure it out and basically said that there was no way I’d be getting enough protein. The whole thing turned me off to cross fit. I love the exercises and the people but the diet plan was not for me. I hope more cross fit coaches educate themselves on a vegan diet and are more supportive to their members who choose to go down this path. Great job! I’d love to know a typical daily meal plan for you. I have been vegan for 5 years but I know I am getting too many calories. I’d love a lower cal vegan plan that makes me feel full that I can stick to.

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