Hey everyone, there is less than 24 hours left to vote. PETA’s “Sexiest Vegan Next Door” Contest ends 9am Pacific Time tomorrow! As the owner of PlantFit Training Studio, I am asking all of you to vote for me (if you haven’t yet). This would be greatly appreciated! Also on my page, there are buttons to share on Facebook and Twitter. If you could share this with your friends, this could make a huge impact on the number of votes I have. As of now, I am 237 votes behind First Place. I know with your help, my numbers could blast past that point. This will be my last request on this contest. Just like with opening PlantFit, I want to show the world that you can be lean and strong on a plant based diet. Winning this contest will make a profound statement on the state of veganism. For all those that still question the benefits of a plant based diet,  this will show that fit and strong people are out there solidly backed by a 100% Vegan Diet.

Thank you so much in advance!!! I couldn’t do this without all of you. Thanks for letting me be a sign of strength for the animals.

promo shot

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