345lb Back Squat, Vegan, +40lb PR

At 180lbs BW, I haven’t attempted a PR in a while, but about a year ago, it was 305lbs. Nice to see progress. Goal is over twice my body weight. That might come sooner than expected. Thanks Veganism, Westside Barbell, and CrossFit. At my gym PlantFit Training Studio, Portland, OR. XVX

3 thoughts on “345lb Back Squat, Vegan, +40lb PR

  1. Hey I am a pesco-vegetarian @ 165 lbs. Been Involved in CrossFit for about a year now. 315 back squat was my 1RM @185lb body weight. I am 20 pounds less now & I just hit 335lb back squat. Keep up the great work!!!

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