Build Up and Lean Out.

Hey guys!

I will be maintaining a 1 month long training and nutrition journal from May 15th until June 15th. The goal of this journal is to keep me accountable as I prepare for a photo shoot with a friend here in Portland, Oregon. I currently weigh 173.8 pounds at 5.6% body fat. I have done two previous bodybuilding competitions, but I am not interested in stepping on that stage again any time soon. What I am doing however is challenging myself in the realm of CrossFit, with an emphasis on strength increases and improving my Olympic lifts. I have a few specific goals for this month:

1 – Increase Lean Mass by 3-4 lbs.
(More Specifically Upper Chest, Triceps, and Posterior Delts)
2 – Decrease Body Fat to around 4%
3 – Increase my Olympic Snatch (currently 180 lbs.)
4 – Look amazing by June 15th for my photo shoot, which will be used for future promotion of myself and the vegan lifestyle

Here is my current plan of attack on nutrition: … 2012-05-13

During this month, I am setting a few ground rules. I want to limit all grocery shopping to Trader Joe’s, but I will still eat foods that are currently in my house that were not necessarily purchased from Trader Joe’s. I am going to only use Plant Fusion Protein Powder, I just picked some of this stuff up, and this is a company I want to see get big. Also, I expect this protein to help me get big, and lean. I liked the idea of using a vegan protein powder from Trader Joe’s but they do not carry anything worthy. The only vegan protein they have is hemp protein and it is mostly fiber. Also, I only want to allow myself to eat out once a week.

My scheduled workout for today is:

WOD 120515:

BB Gymnastics

5X2 Clean & Jerk @ 80% – rest 60-80 sec.


15 minutes to establish a 3RM Back Squat.




Notes: Alternating sets between strict & kipping (butterfly or glide). 8 rounds total work, beginning with strict.

*Rest 5 minutes.

3 rounds for total reps of:

90 sec. ME Rope Climbs 15′
90 sec. Rest
90 sec. ME Burpees
90 sec. Rest

Courtesy of

I’ll keep updating this as the days go by. I’m doing this workout at 12:30pm today, so I’ll post my numbers afterwards. I’ll also have a copy of this posted on the forum at as well.


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