2 thoughts on “My Next Competition!

  1. I was told that it is really hard to build muscle as a vegetarian. and I worry about getting sick. what is your best suggestion for a diet for me. I am lean, I burn alot of caleries in my day job. I do eat eggs.

    • Cindy, I suggest simply changing your protein sources for a vegetarian or vegan counterpart. Beef to crumbled tempeh, Gardein Burgers, TVP, Lightlife, Yves, or Morningstar Crumbles, Turkey to Tofurky, Eggs to Scrambled Tofu, Chicken to Gardein Chicken or baked Tofu, and Rice/Pea protein (trueprotein.com) or Vega Protein Powder for Whey Protein. If you can find Butler Soycurls, you have to give those a try! They are a wonderful replacement for chicken or steak strips. Add a couple servings of beans and raw seeds to your daily meal plan, and just see how you feel. I am one of many disproving that you need meat for muscle. Give it a try and see how your body responds. A lot of people respond to vegan proteins sources with better recovery and less fatigue. I surely do. Best wishes on your path to better health!

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